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RE: Fall of the Decentralised Internet

I thought I’d just take a moment to draw attention to a BBC News article regarding Internet Centralisation that I had raised earlier, titled “Why does the internet keep breaking”.

I previously mentioned a couple of similar issues but I feel like Prof. Buchanan describes it well.

Internet scientist Professor Bill Buchanan agrees with this characterisation: “The internet isn’t the large-scale distributed network that DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the original architects of the internet, tried to create, which could withstand a nuclear-strike on any part of it.

Instead of trying to rebuild the systems and structure of the internet, Professor Buchanan thinks we need to improve the way we use it to store and share data, or risk more mass outages in the future.

He argues that the internet has become too centralised, i.e. where too much data comes from a single source. That trend needs to be reversed with systems that have multiple nodes, he explains, so that no one failure can stop a service from working.

Tidy, J., 2021. Why does the internet keep breaking?. BBC News, [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 12 October 2021].

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